and the winner is… November 20, 2009

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Wow! Judging by the number of people who entered this contest, the world is even more obsessed with chocolate than I even realized! Thanks to everyone who took part!

The winner of the copy of Max Brenner's "Chocolate: A Love Story" – chosen by Random Number Generator and not a white fuzzy paw pointing at a comment on the screen – was comment #16, which was posted by Anne from Anne's Food. She said:

It's hard to say just one thing, since chocolate is so wonderful, but I
think my absolute super-indulgence is chocolate mousse. I make it with
a dark, but not bitter, chocolate, and it's sinfully good."

I will be contacting you via the email you provided here in your comment. Congrats! 


Alina Dec 28, 2012 05:12 pm

I’ve been vegan for about a little over a year and a half but that doesn’t mean I’ve been hhlatey during that time! Vegan cream cheese, vegan mac and cheese, french fries, oily salad dressings, vegan butter on popcorn, vegan cookies, tortilla chips fried at home with guacamole I am a vegan fat-consuming machine, and I’m sure my health is suffering for it. I would love to have a cookbook that is mostly fat free, so I can really live up to the hhlatey benefits of the vegan lifestyle.Also, my father has high blood pressure, my mother is worried about osteoporosis, and my grandfather is close to the end of his life and eating butter, sugar, and high (animal) fat meals every day. I really want to be able to share with them some great recipes for hhlatey vegan living so they can see me graduate college, get married, and start a hhlatey vegan family.I’m going to try and do the whole-foods-February thing you’re doing, and I’ve been watching the lectures you’ve been posting I’ve been following your blog for about ten months, and your story is so inspiring my little daily dose of hhlatey vegan happiness.Please enter me in the cookbook drawing and (even if I don’t win) count on me reading every post in February several times over.