Atlanta’s Food Blogger Bake Sale – The Recap! April 27, 2010

It's been another busy week of work and travel…and I wish I had gotten this post up sooner. I didn't want to just throw something up and call it done. This was a very special event for me and the outcome of Atlanta's first ever Food Bloggers Bake Sale was quite remarkable. It was a gorgeous morning. Lots of folks came out to both help, visit and do some shopping. In the end, our little ol' bake sale raised over $1600, all of which goes to Share Our Strength! Thanks to the hard work of the bloggers, the bakers, participating businesses and restaurants and all the other volunteers – as well as those who donated online. None of this would have happened without you and I am eternally grateful.

Everyone donated their time, their kitchens, or both so generously…I need to give all of those that took part a shout-out. Please visit their blogs or businesses to thank them for giving so selflessly to our cause:

  • Lisa Hanson, owner of Cabbagetown Market, was so instrumental in the success of the Bake Sale. She gave so much of her business's space, her personal time, the use of her tent. She also made some killer pickles & banana puddings! Her market reopens – even better than before – on May 1st. Go check it out!
  • Patti from Anatomy of a Dinner Party was totally the cruise director of the Bake Sale. She manned the cash register, took photos of everyone, and just bubbly & amazing. Her oatmeal cookies were incredible too!
  • Tracy from Sensatiables brought over some of the best jams I've ever had – the caramelized onion is incredible as an accompaniment to savory dishes. You can visit her on her Facebook group page here.
  • The wonderful folks from Maison Robert, a local pastry and confection shop, brought over freshly baked croissant, brioche and flourless chocolate cake. Those savory baked goods were gorgeous and a huge hit!
  • Daphne made chocolate-mint marvel cookies. Yum! Her website is
  • Ashley, who has a great food blog over at The Quick & Dirty Cook, contributed her Triple C Cookies.
  • Thanks to Kirk Parks at Rathbun's for those double layer chocolate & peanut butter brownies. Rathbun's is one of the most popular restaurants in town – GO if you haven't!
  • Is there anything more magical than homemade marshmallows? New addition to Atlanta's restaurant scene Miller Union donated boxes of homemade strawberry & chocolate covered marshmallows
  • Cacao, just included in Food + Wine's Best New American Chocolate feature, sent over heavenly (and so beautifully wrapped) brownies.
  • Betty from Trouble With Toast whipped up several whole Key Lime Pies (which is one of my faves – i took one home with me!)
  • Local foodie & poodle lover Emily made her grandmother's rhubarb cake recipe – and stuck around to help out at the sale. It definetely seemed to be a fan favorite at the sale!
  • Amy from Scratch, a local Atlanta bakery, outdid herself with Southern "Pecan Pah" Bars, Pumpkin Bread and two types of scones. Her baked goods are DIVINE – visit her website here
  • Allison brought a slew of margarita cookies (a recipe she adapted from Smitten Kitchen). They were delicate & had great margarita flavor! 
  • Maggie Sweeney, who runs a pastry business here in Atlanta, made everyone a little woozy with her grown up alcohol-soaked cakes. They're INCREDIBLE! Her gluten-free carrot cake cupcakes made a believer out of me – you would have never been able to tell the difference. She is on Twitter as CakeHag
  • Chris from Mele Cotte was an angel during the sale. Not only did she bring a TABLE full of goodies, she was sweet enough to make awesome name tags for all of the volunteers & stick around to help. Her beautiful cupcakes & cookies put smiles on folks young & old that day.
  • Mandy, who writes the Atlanta Dish blog, made one of my favorite types of cookies: shortbread. Her version had rosemary in it – yum!
  • Wanda, whose lovely blog is The Teacher Cooks, brought a variety of beautifully packaged treats. The recipe for the chocolate chip cookies she baked is on her blog! 
  • Nic and Katie, who tag team a pretty awesome blog called We Whisk Away, had the hit of the Bake Sale on their hands. Their Salted Caramel Brownies & Salted Cinnamon Chip Cookies nearly incited a riot. Do check out this brownie recipe – it was the talk of the day! Thanks to both of them for volunteering that morning, as well.
  • Amrita, whose blog is Once Upon A Dessert, brought tiny, sweet little macarons and Japanese blueberry cheesecake bites to the sale. She's a relatively new addition to the food blog crowd in Atlanta so drop by & see her blog. 
  • Thanks to Besha Rodell from Creative Loafing for the Lamingtons – an Australian treat that I had never seen before. We had to Google it…and they were delicious! 
  • The Blissful Glutton knocked out a batch of Mexican Wedding Cookies that went quickly at the sale & caused people to hoot & holler out of their car windows upon tasting them.
  • Meredith Ford Goldman, food writer for the AJC, was kind enough to donate a gift certificate for a custom made cake of the buyer's choice. The lucky recipient? A 2 year old, who was going to get a fancy birthday cake from his parents purchase. So sweet!
  • Ashia, who has a great blog called Clueless Fashionista, came and hung out with us food bloggers while baking up a batch of vanilla chocolate cherry cookies.
  • My food styling assistant – and the person who keeps me from chopping off a finger or tripping over a light – Abby made a huge batch of doggie treats in flavors like bacon & Italian-inspired. Even the pups got a treat at the Bake Sale!


Patti Davis Apr 27, 2010 08:04 am

Gorgeous post, Honey! Thanks for the love. It was the most fun day ever with some of the greatest people ever. You did an incredible job.
Count on me for next year!

The Teacher Cooks Apr 27, 2010 10:04 am

I love the slide show. Thanks Tami for all your hard work. And look at the results!!! I really had a fun time and was glad to help in such a small way for a big cause.

chris Apr 27, 2010 10:04 pm

This is a FANTASTIC round up! The slide show is beautiful. This was so much fun. I can’t wait until next year. ;)

Helen Apr 27, 2010 10:04 pm

Now that I know most of these ladies (and gents) I can tell that you guys have pulled something wonderful there.
I definitely can imagine Patti’s smile and Chris bubbliness :)
Great job!

Kristen Apr 28, 2010 12:04 pm

I love that you all even remembered the canine’s. Clever!

Gaby Apr 28, 2010 05:04 pm

YOU GUYS ROCKED IT IN ATL!!!!!!! Loved working with you on this! xoxo

Share Our Strength Apr 30, 2010 01:04 pm

thank you all for your hard work and an amazing job – LOVE the slideshow!!!!

Ashia Sims Dec 5, 2010 09:12 pm

Wow! $1600 is amazing. I’m so glad I was able to contribute. It was a wonderful day and I enjoyed meeting so many cool food bloggers and writers.

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