Day 3 – Eat on $30 – Ups and Downs… October 14, 2009


One last reminder: Winners of the two $25 gift cards courtesy of Macy's will be chosen at 5 pm today! If you haven't entered to win, visit this post and leave your best budget shopping or cooking tip in the comments. Winners will be chosen at random this afternoon. 

Day 3 was a tough one, I have to say. Not so much on the food front – we have a good bit of food left and about $13 to supplement what we have for the weekend. It was hard because I had doctor's appointments and errands to run..and I just wanted someone to make me something yummy for lunch to comfort me. That started the cravings, which I couldn't give in to…which sent me into full on whine mode. Add to that that I haven't had coffee since Sunday morning and you've got a little bit of a monster on your hands.

Instead of cheating, which I really thought about doing for a split second, I made lunch. The clouds broke for a bit here in Atlanta and it was really lovely for lunch outside. I threw together a big ol' BLT with ingredients in the house: 4 slices of turkey bacon, one sliced Roma tomato, half of a roasted red pepper, mayo, and a small handful of arugula. The cost of my sandwich (including the mayo, which was already in the house so I'm charging myself $.20 for it) was around $2.00. The foundation of my sandwich was made with items that were on sale at the store AND i had a coupon for them – both the turkey bacon and the bread were around $1.50 each once I got the discounts applied to them.  

Dinner for us was a big, veggie filled frittata. I used the rest of the kale, 6 eggs (my eggs were 99 cents a dozen!), some green peas, and a green onion. For a meal that cost less than $2.00, it was scrumptious – we ate the entire thing between us. No photos of that one but I'm sure I'll be making another one this week – such an easy way to throw together bits and pieces of ingredients lying around and make something good out of it!

Image_brochure Since I don't really have a recipe this post for my BLT (i'm gonna assume you all know how to make one!), I thought I'd take this time to talk about my favorite charity here in Atlanta. While companies like Macy's are attacking the issue of hunger on a very large scale, Project Open Hand is a local Atlanta charity that does some amazing things out of a very small facility. I have been working with Open Hand for a while, mainly delivering meals through their Meals on Wheels program. It's been emotional, touching, eye-opening, heartbreaking and inspiring all in one day…every time I volunteer. 

Started in 1998 by one person who, with 14 of his friends, cooked meals for people he knew that were too sick to care for themselves. Now, as per the latest stat on their website, Project Open Hand has prepared over 13,000,000 meals (that was a number they reached in 2007 – imagine how many more they've done now). The meals go to senior citizens and those who – for medical or financial reasons – need meals to supplement their diet. The program is powered by volunteers, both in the kitchen and driving delivery routes. 

In this tough time here in the US, Project Open Hand is short on volunteers to drive routes – I guess people are working other jobs or more concerned with what's happening at home than with other people. They can also ALWAYS use donations – believe me, the operation they run there is remarkable considering their facilities. I encourage folks here in Atlanta to get involved with Open Hand…or some other organization addressing hunger issues. To learn more about Project Open Hand, visit their website. You can sign up to get infomation about volunteering and donate via their site. 

Also, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE support the others doing Eat on $30 this week. They've been great communicators and dedicated to getting the word out. There's also always lively debate and discussion on Twitter so join in!


Paula - bell'alimento Oct 14, 2009 08:10 am

I must confess, there have been moments this week I have thought about cheating too. But then I think. You CAN’T! Great post. Your pic makes me want to change my lunch plans from homemade creamy tomato/basil soup to a BLT! Love the Frittata idea, very filling & super budget friendly. Brava!

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