Hay Hay Hay! December 15, 2006


In a shocking bit of blog news, I woke up this morning to find out that I had won Hay Hay It’s Donna Day #8 – the risotto challenge, hosted by il cavoletto di bruxelles. You can visit the original post for my Smoked Mozzarella and Radicchio Risotto here.

There were so many great entries – both recipes and photos – that participated in the challenge that I’m, well, shocked. My vote went to The Laughing Gastronome’s Pea and Fennel Risotto, which sounded divine.

Thanks to those people that voted for Running with Tweezers. We’re the winner of a San Marzano goodie basket, which tickles me to no end.

This also means I’ll be able to host the upcoming Hay Hay It’s Donna Day, which will take place in the new year! In the meantime, I’ll be coming up with a great theme to start of the new year of HHDD!


Sigrid Dec 16, 2006 06:12 am

Congrats again Tami!! You deserved it!! And of course, I can’t wait to find out what your theme will be!!

J Dec 17, 2006 03:12 pm

Congratulations, I think you’re a very worthy winner! I look forward to hear what you plan for the next HHIDHD, yours will be my second.

barbara Dec 20, 2006 02:12 am

Congrats Tami. Well done – again!