soupçon November 10, 2005

Sewp_005_2   There is very little that makes me as happy as Asian soups (I know I said this in my last post about beets…and lentils…and truffle oil…but just work with me here). The added bonus is nothing cuts through a head full of heaviness and haze like a hot, flavorful soup.

I’ve begun making these at home. Some days, I feel like making a day of it and making pho broth from scratch – oxtails and the whole shebang. Other times, like today, I want to throw it all together and have it be a band aid for whatever ails me.

Taking frozen homemade chicken stock, I added star anise, kaffir lime leaves, red Thai chilies, and a cinnamon stick. While that is percolating together, I placed some shredded boiled chicken to the bottom of the bowl. Add some Asian veggies to the broth, heat through, and spoon it on top of the chicken. It equals my version of comfort food.


Tom Maicon Nov 14, 2005 05:11 pm

I’ve always been taught that there’s no ailment a nice warm bowl of pho can’t cure. Bravo to you for taking the time and energy it requires to make this soup at home.