star struck November 1, 2005

Sp_4 Beets are my favorite food. No…really. I mean it. Okay… so they’re one of my favorites. Picking out a favorite food to me would be like picking a favorite child. Not going to happen.

On any given day, I could also tell you that arugula, lentils, and currants are also my favorite food. That having been said, you can imagine what a treat this antipasto from Star Provisions To Go is: roasted beets with orange blossom water, roasted cauliflower with currants and pine nuts, and lentil salad. They have a huge selection of side dishes that you can mix and match any three of for an incredible meal. Did I mention it was only $6.95? Buying anything at Star Provisions for $6.95 is practically like stealing.

When I eat side dishes like this, I very much subscribe to the "cafeteria tray" way of eating. Not in this case. The orange blossom water from the beets mixes with the oil from the cauliflower and the vinegar from the lentils. It dresses the peppery arugula and lets you mop up all of the flavors at the bottom. Its absolutely perfect.


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