Wine Blogging Wednesday #20 is Anything but… April 14, 2006


Not only did I not manage to get Wine Blogging Wednesday posted on Wednesday, I didn’t manage to get it posted on Thursday, either! Frankly, I’ve been too busy making cocktails, taking their photos, and then consuming them to sit in front of the computer and get a real (read: coherent) post done.

The theme of Wine Blogging Wednesday #20, graciously hosted over at Wine For Newbies, is to broaden your white wine horizons and try something beyond Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc or Riesling. I have to say that, as a red wine drinker just now getting into white wines, I am a devout Sauvignon Blanc drinker – particularly the citrusy and acidic versions from New Zealand. I rarely stray for fear of drinking something sticky sweet and overpowering.

I have been to several wine tastings hosted by the Yalumba vineyard. At the time, I paid more attention to the reds they were discussing. When the white taste came around, it was consumed…I’m sure I said "Eh"…and moved on. For WBW, I went back to revisit their Viognier. The first thing I noticed was the high alcohol content – 14.5% I believe. Sheesh! *hiccup* The color – a sunny golden color – would have made me think I was in for an overly sweet wine experience. Not so! It was drier than it let on and incredibly drinkable with layers of honey, peachy, and faint floral tastes. This is a wine I could drink on its own or with Asian or bold flavored seafood dishes.

For tons and tons of great Viognier information, you can also visit Enjoying Viognier.

The photo for this post was styled by Tami Hardeman and photographed by Tony Clark.


cath Apr 14, 2006 09:04 pm

Hey Tami — very nice! Hmmm…haven’t had a Viognier in years…I actually forgot about them in a quest to find reds so tannic they strip enamel off your teeth; and now that mine have been de-enamelled, maybe I should go check this recommendation out. Does Tower (on Piedmont) stock them? Thanks!

tami Apr 15, 2006 08:04 am

hi cath :)
i would say that tower on piedmont is a safe place to start when looking for anything. whole foods had maybe 7 or 8 of them, which is where i got this one.

GadgetGeek2 Apr 17, 2006 04:04 am

I introduced Viognier to my Son and Daughter in Law early this year and it has become their favorite. Thanks for the good blog Tami, I sent the link to it to Son Todd when I saw this latest entry.