quick bite: Menu for Hope December 18, 2007

Menuforhope4mapThere is a lot going on here at RWT. Unfortunately, it isn’t blogging. The holidays are upon us and that means busy busy – you know how it is. Things will probably be a little quiet around here this week…I am up to my elbows in peppermint Oreo brownies (more on those when i have time to post) and a shoot this week. but I wanted to make sure I made mention of something.

It’s Menu for Hope. It’s going on right now and runs for a little less than a week now. It’s an effort to raise money for the UN Food Programme. So far, over $36,000 has been raised…but we can do better than that. Get over to Chez Pim and purchase virtual raffle tickets to have a chance to win great prizes (cookbooks, gadgets, the ultimate in dining experiences). Your $10 donation goes to a great cause and gives you the opportunity to get something in return. There are also regional hosts for this event: you can see a list of prizes from the South/Central region over at Kalyn’s Kitchen.


Rasa Malaysia Dec 26, 2007 09:12 pm

Heya, haven’t been here for a while…just popping in to say hello and happy holidays!!! :)