the saturday soup – some love for me and you July 23, 2011

This week, the Saturday Soup is all about me eating this soup. Often. As many times as I can in the span of a couple days. It’s the Seafood Gumbo at Herby K’s in Shreveport, Louisiana. We’re here for the wedding of two really wonderful people…and we’re also the official wedding photographers. It’s a fun trip that’s made that much more special by the fact that I get to have a couple bowls of this gumbo. With some rice dumped in. And some crusty french bread on the side. And a big frosty draft beer. ‘Cuz that’s what you do here. It’s what *I* do here. Lots of people eat the signature sandwich called The Shrimp Buster. John T. Edge said it’s one of the 100 Southern Foods you should eat before you die. I’d add this gumbo to the list, too.

The week started off with an early morning message on Twitter from Keiko letting me know that this little ol’ site was mentioned as one of the 50 Best Food Websites by The Independent. What the what!? Holy wow. I was floored…and flattered. Seriously. To be in the same group as Elise and Katie and Keiko and a whole mess of awesome websites – pretty incredible. Thanks to those that thought to include me!

Since I’m off eating my weight in Louisiana gumbo and letting someone make soup for me for a change, I thought I’d include some links I’m loving right now – wonderful summer soups I can’t wait to try when I get back:

  • Pretty much anything Heidi makes is instantly bookmarked for me. This Corn Soup looks amazing with the addition of a bit of harissa.
  • Same goes for Sara over at Sprouted Kitchen. This Roasted Tomato Soup made me swoon.
  • Mike over at Verses from My Kitchen made a Pear & Watercress Soup that’s almost as beautiful as the story that accompanies the photo.
  • Cold beet soup sounds perfect for these sweltering days. This one over at Mango & Tomato is unusual but looks so tasty!
  • Mowie’s posts are always stunning & this one is no exception. Watermelon Soup!? Yes please.
  • I’m a sucker for Asian soups so this recipe for Khao Soi on Cate’s World Kitchen, which can be made with tofu or chicken, was an instant bookmark for me. I’m also dying to make this Soba Noodle Soup – that seems to have a little bit of spice – from From Away.
  • I also happen to be a sucker for hummus and babaganoush. Eat, Live, Run combined two of my favorite things in Babaganoush Soup.


Miss T Jul 23, 2011 07:07 am

I have file powder just waiting to be used for a gumbo!! we are in the thick of winter here so souping it up!!!
T x

Melissa @ Dash of East Jul 23, 2011 07:07 am

Congratulations Tami! That is amazing and definitely well-deserved!

Okay, and watermelon soup?! I’ll second that: yes, please.

Laura @ Sprint 2 the Table Jul 23, 2011 08:07 am

Congrats! That is too cool. :)

I’m loving these recipes – thank for sharing. That babaganoush soup is a great idea.

Lana @ Never Enough Thyme Jul 23, 2011 09:07 am

Congratulations, Tami! A well-deserved honor indeed. And that gumbo…wow. Now you’ve got me craving a big bowl full myself.

sara Jul 23, 2011 07:07 pm

congrats, tami! Well deserved. Thanks for including me in your list :)

MikeVFMK Jul 23, 2011 09:07 pm

Love your Saturday soup series and this gumbo look fits that bill and more. Love gumbo, and the way you raved about it means I have to put it on my list if I ever get the chance to get down there.

Congrats on the recognition. Very fitting. And thank you for the link love!

Sabrina Modelle Jul 27, 2011 01:07 am

Every success you achieve is so well-deserved. I just can’t imagine a more lovely, more talented woman, garnering recognition. I’m so happy to be cheering you on and standing firmly in your corner. Oh, and the soup looks divine. Happy travels and happy cooking. Much love,

[…] with the boy to see his family, we ate at a place Mike couldn’t stop talking about – Herby K’s. The shrimp buster, he said. You have to try the shrimp buster – with an extra shrimp on it. […]