Would you like some wine with that cheese? Bottoms up for WBW #16! December 7, 2005


Q: What first attracted you to this bottle?

A: Umm…it had wine in it?

Just kidding. (Sort of.)

This bottle was picked out for Wine Blog Wednesday #16 (graciously hosted by An Obsession with Food) while strolling through Star Provisions after an absolutely mindblowing meal at Bacchanalia with my favorite photographer, Tony Clark (who i collaborate with on a most-weekly basis and who puts up with all of my hairbrained photo ideas). The theme behind this WBW? Choose a wine solely based on its label. We both loved it…he bought it…and then we shot it and drank it!

What struck me about The Guilty was that the label was dark, haunting, lusty, bold, and mysterious – all of the qualities that my favorite red wines have. I like wines that have a lot of *oopmh* and this label made me assume that The Guilty would have it in spades.

It did not disappoint. According to the information on the back label, this is a single vineyard Shiraz whose initial planting dates back to the late 1800’s. Immediately, you could smell the big blackberry jam aromas. As the wine opened up, you could taste some great spice, cherries, and the faintest tobacco undertones. After we took this amazing shot, we broke open a hunk of Cypress Grove Humboldt Fog (recommended specifically for this wine by the cutiepants in the thick-rimmed glasses at Whole Foods) and noshed on amazing cheese and wine for hours.

Photography by Tony Clark and styling by Tami Hardeman


Derrick Schneider Dec 6, 2005 11:12 pm

I love the label and the write-up. It’s one of the more unusual of the entries so far in terms of artwork. It’s a striking image.

tami Dec 7, 2005 05:12 am

i’m really looking forward to seeing everyone’s posts – i think its going to be very interesting to see what piqued people’s interest enough to buy the bottle.
thanks again for hosting the event :)

drzachary Dec 7, 2005 06:12 am

I had that last week and meant to recommend it to you. Glad you saw it! I’m a sucker for label art too :)

Tyler Dec 15, 2005 08:12 am

Wait – you took that photo?!? You should do that professionally! Oops, I guess you do that already.
How much was it? Did you feel *guilty* for spending too much?

tami hardeman Dec 15, 2005 04:12 pm

I styled the photo – a lot of the time I collaborate with my good friend Tony Clark. I set up the shots and he mashes the buttons :)
The Guilty was about $20 I think – worth every darned penny!

Heather Feb 5, 2006 06:02 am

This is one of my favorite wines! Look out for The Guilty’s better half, ‘The Innocent’ viognier, to be hitting shelves in the next few months.